Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Marvin

Meet Marvin. He's MARVELOUS!

He's also my new bloggy project! I've been wanting something fun that I could post on my blog that will also teach me to dedicate shorter blocks of time to finished work, ie, work quicker and looser. He is also my work-around so I have stuff to post while working on my children's book. Like Illustration Friday, I have to do one a week, from sketch to quick finished color. Each of his adventures will be based upon a sentence or scenario that my husband comes up with. The above post is NOT this weekend's, it is just getting a feel for the character. We'll see how color pans out, and he may change slightly in appearance as my characterization develops.

I'll be adding color later, but I'm off to bed now since I work tomorrow. more to come.


Zlatica said...

For now, he is great! I´m curious to know something about him!
I like how you plan on developing your skills - myaby I should also involve some planning in my painting learning.

dolls like us said...

I like him I like the way you drew him good luck on your book.

Susan Beth Studio said...

Oooo, this is fantastic! Love Marvin! He's so cute and endearing I already want the best for him and can't wait to see his future adventures. I think it's a wonderful project and it might even turn out to be something big, who knows?! Thanks for your great comment last night, I totally understand your position on the book thing, and would absolutely love to talk colored pencil tech again. It's so great to have another regular, it'll be fun to monitor each other's progress. Best of luck and I'll be in touch again!


dolls like us said...

I love what you do with him good work.