Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marvin the Marvelous colored

Marvin has been colored!

I may end up tweaking the colors throughout the course of this project...I am still putting a bit too much detail in the work. He's supposed to be colored loosely. I colored this one at the same as the Marvin piece for this week. I need to try my third Marvin piece drawn loosely with the pen instead of tracing it off the sketch.


Zlatica said...

I like him!
What do you mean by "loosely colored"? I have my favorite watercolor artist at - I think she paints loosely, isn´t she? I like her style a lot. But I think I will never be able to paint that way - I think it is influenced by our´s personality, how we express ourselves.

NightenGail said...

Zlatica, thanks for the comment! That's a great example of loose watercolor. She does beautiful work. I also love Peter De Seve ( I'm trying to loosen up my work to have more of that scribbly feel. The silly thing is that almost all of my life drawings/on location sketches ARE like that...but whenever I go to illustrate I get carried away with form and tighten up.

dolls like us said...

I love your color choices.