Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily Sketch 15: Woman w/ hat II

Original Image.

Analysis: I loved the shadow shapes in this photo, and it's the first one where the majority of the face is dark. VERY dark. The eyes are slightly off, the upper left side of the face needs to be darker, and the lips and face slightly wider. The lips look fuller then I actually drew them, but that was a result of when I was laying in the shading. The fun part is that I did use my electric eraser when i was done to pick out the highlights in the white of the eye and the chin strap.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Sketch 14: Looped fingers

Original image.

Analysis: A friend informed me that I was being lax in drawing hands, so thus we have hands! Perspective on fingers sucks. Plain and simple. I did a decent job on the last three digits of each hand, but lets not get started on the thumbs and forefingers. Bad perspective, bad scale (itty-bitty thumb, large forefinger). Overall, I like the linework in this sketch more then the actual drawing. More hands needed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Sketch 13: Woman looking up

Original image.

Analysis: I think I know where I'm going wrong; I think I draw the lips way too small for the shape they actually are. I drew out my nice framework with a solid parallelogram from the cheek bones to the chin with just a slight curve at the bottom, and still, the eyes ended up in the middle of the cheek bone line rather than above, as they were supposed to be. Thus her face is shorter and fatter then it is supposed to be. Even still, I redrew the nose 3 times and the eyes 2.5 times and overworked the neckline. I know where the shading is supposed to go once the features are in place...i just need to properly size/align everything now. No wonder some people can spend a lifetime learning to draw the human form.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daily Sketch 12: Mustache

Original Image.

The original theme for today was Conquistador, but all the images i could find were drawn or painted, so I went with what any good conquistador would have: a mighty fine mustache.

What's cooler than a guy with a black bowtie, black bowler hat, and a 6-part curly mustache?

Analysis: Obviously I had fun with this more-like-30-minute 15 minute sketch. For some reason each time I become fixated on working on the nose first, and I think I start working to fast, leaving me no room to correct. I think this nose should have been wider and maybe a smidgen shorter. And for some reason glasses always hang me up on the shading of the face. I didn't quite get in the laugh lines as well as I wanted.