Thursday, July 21, 2005

Onion Boy 7


Poor Onion Boy. He's so abused. He's so cute! After I had almost completed the coloring, I realized that I forgot to put the torn flag in the background. At least it's alluded to by the peice in the dog's mouth.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Illustrator of the week: Paige Pooler

This is a new weekly post that i'm going to have, allowing myself to have fun while researching the field I'm interested in. Although this first post should in theory be linking two of my favorite illustrators: Stephanie Law and Todd Lockwood, this first one is actually an illustrator that has a style completely different than mine and yet is still very cute: Paige Pooler.

What I can learn from Paige: sometimes simple works better then elaborate.

Ups and Downs

I applied for a job at a great place: storyopolis. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, this time, but they said to try again in September, so I shall. Narhin did get the job, and it's good, because this will be her first job. Yay Nahrin!

My class at laafigart is going well, although I paint a little slow, and I need more practice in oil painting. One of the students there gave me this suggestion: paint 100 figures then take all the paintings after #100 and get feedback, because the first 100 paintings are going to be crap. So that is another goal for myself.

In other news, california is now last in the nation in art funding, which royally sucks for my fall semester. Read more here.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Onion Boy 6


Poor Onion Boy, he's so abused! But that's one of the reasons why we all love him...that and because his derrier shows (very innocently, of course). This one marks the midpoint of this series of OB drawings. Only five remaining on his first adventure. Never fear though, I have the first sketches and concept for the next sequence in the works.

The weekend went fairly well, but didn't get a lot of art done. Just some prelim colors of the background of the Ren. woman. The landscape is done, and the columns have been started. I need to finish the columns and the floor, then I get to work on the banners and the woman herself! That will be the most fun!

Onion Boy 5


This was the OB that had the most changes so far. All the original sketches vary in size slightly, so I always resize the images to match the first drawing. This drawing was correctly sized to begin with, so the sketch ended up being too tall for the square format. It was of the utmost importance to have OB as close to the top edge of the box as possible to show he's tumbling through air. I shifted him left slightly so I could then rotate the flag (originally over OB's head) and place it to the right, but still in the 'air'. I'm not particularly fond of the shadow in this one and in the next one, but the shadow lines didn't scan well, and the floor area needed to be distinguished from the 'air', thus the shadow.