Saturday, January 09, 2010

Illustration Friday: Confined

Over the years his expression became confined to one of loathing, disdain, & disgust.

I tried something new with this sketch. After I drew it, I taped a piece of tracing paper over the sketch and inked the tracing paper. I think the results are decent, but I could do better. The heavy outlines are too heavy for the size of the sketch. Some of the more delicate linework from the sketch got obliterated. At first I was laying in the hatching very slowly and that made a heavier line, but once I started working quickly, the hatching looked much nicer. I'm not going to go back now, but I should have hatched more on the left side of the face to push it back more. It competes too much with the nose.

Daily Sketch 2: Flickr Quickdraw

I haven't done any quick sketches in a while, and it shows...the really bad ones are the first couple, but I started to get warmed up and got a bit better. In theory, these are minute long sketches, but I think I spent up to 5 minutes on some of them. I think next time I'm going to try this with my favorite ink pens, which I find I really love using when i'm in life drawing. The permanency of it tends to make me loosen up and surprisingly draw more accurately. Go figure. My favorite of the night is the guy's nose.

All these were pulled from Flickr's interesting photos from the last 7 days :) Some of these photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Links to original photos in no specific order:

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Daily Sketch 1: Monkeys

First of all, my IF: Renewal post (previous post) got 12 posts! WOOHOO! that's already 50% more posts then my best IF post last year. I think that's a perfect way to start the year.

Next, posts were nil the past two days because my evenings became filled: saying farewell to a coworker one evening, and taking my visiting aunt and uncle to Griffith Park Observatory.

Today's sketch is monkeys, because i'm trying to fulfill a promise to my co-worker that I'd do drawings for her child's room.