Saturday, March 07, 2009

Daily Sketch 25

So my daily sketch has evolved slightly, due to my animation teacher. Instead of 1 15-minute sketch, I will now be doing 15 1-minute sketches! My teacher wants us to draw, draw, draw; focusing on getting the basic forms down. He doesn't care if the drawings are bad, and says with time and LOTS of drawings there will be a great improvement in skill. I'm definitely much better at the childrens' faces than the adult faces. Maybe one day i'll even be able to draw hair in under a minute. :)

IF: Intricate

I have always loved drawing ornate decorative swirls and leaves. I haven't drawn any of these for the longest time. The last time I remember doing this, I was working on a coat of arms in one of my first art classes in college....years ago. And it wouldn't be my art without some random little bizarre characters. I particularly like the one leaping in the center of the big circle.