Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekly sketchbook

So the posting has slowed down for a very particular, art-related reason. Last week I started two art classes at The Animation Guild in North Hollywood. I have a three-hour life drawing class on Thursday night and a 2-hour traditional animation basics class. Both are a lot of fun and extremely reasonably priced for art classes.

The animation class is very intensive, particularly since I've never taken an animation class before. I chose to take this class because while I am happy with my rendering/shading skills with the colored pencil, I feel that my final pieces are very still. Animation is all about movement, motion, twisting, stretching, and squashing. There is a lot of outside 'homework' for this class, which has slowed down posting my 15 minute sketches. Yet, I am sketching more then ever because homework includes lots and lots of sketches.

After the first week of reviewing my sketches, my animation teacher told me that I need to sketch faster, less refined/finished' and even more sketches. Furthermore, my life-drawing teacher doesn't like people drawing from photos unless they don't try to match perfectly and instead focus on building the volumes and structures are created in each face.

Some of this week's sketchbook drawings:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Illustration Friday: breezy

I enjoyed drawing this sketch a lot, although I think the legs need a bit more work. I wanted more of a perspective on them. I think the main thing is that she's too skinny for her legs. But overall, still happy with the sketch. Also the clump of hair across her chin bothers me; maybe it should have covered her mouth, but with the chin/neck visible. The boots are because I'm obsessed with wearing my boots as often as possible.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daily Sketch 23: Male 11-12 yrs

original image.

Analysis: Touchscreen laptop take two. Just as bad as take one. :) I'm going to assume that the draw 100 faces before you START to get good theory applies to the digital touchscreen/wacom pen tool as well. Everyone tells me that it has a huge learning curve, but once they get past the screen, they love it. The way I draw, with a series of light pencil strokes, probably doesn't help matters either. There were a number of times I kept trying to draw a line and i'd get a toolbox popup instead, or nothing at all. grr...2 down 98 to go.

If I have time tonight, I will redraw this with pencil.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello all. I'm posting on Nightengail's behalf. The touch screen laptop she mentioned below is this one from HP.  If any of the visiting artists has any suggestions regarding it's usefullness as an art laptop please let us know.  We still have until ~3/15 to send it back if it doesn't meet our requirements.

We have also looked at a Cintiq but the concept of mobility and being able to take it out of the house was too great.  I did some searching for her on various review sites and in general it seemed like the TX2 got a good review.

Please if you have any knowledge regarding this particular laptop and have used it comment!