Thursday, June 23, 2005

Onion Boy 3


As promised, I am now current with onion boy. I need to start on Scott's comissioned artwork, hoping to show him at least one of the character sketches this weekend. I need to get working on it because I'd like to submit the final peice to the Masters of Fantasy 2005 competition on and the deadline is August 1st. I have one month to work on this! I'll need all that time to get it just right. There will be three characters, one on a throne, and two with weapons. and there will be candles and gothic architecture! and twisty trees, because they're fun to draw!

Onion Boy 2


Finally posted! Very belated, but better late than never! The next one is inked, scanned and should be up sometime this afternoon! The color on the flag is better, the color on the dog is worse than the first one. I need to do more sketches of onion boy, so I'll be prepared after the first 11 go up (actually #11 isn't drawn yet). I think I have about 5 random o.b. sketches throughout my sketchbooks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OB and general info update

Onion Boy #2 inked scanned and started coloring...should have it up tomorrow. OB 3 should be up on Thursday. I still have to finish painting the Snow Queen and work on the character sketches for Scott's comission. Also, I have to work on a tattoo commission for one of the guys at work.

The character sketch inspired by Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin looks fabulous. 50% shaded. This is one of the pieces I work on down in Long Beach over the weekends. Pencil only since I can't haul down my studio. I'll post it once I'm finished shading it. Hopefully there will be more like it to come and character creation will get easier. I pictured this one completely the night before I drew it...I even kept waking up Eric because my mind was too active and I couldn't rest well.

They finally posted the summer schedule for LAAFigArt. I'll be signing up for Glenn Vilppu's drawing class this summer. I'm so excited, because I love the way he draws and interprets the human form. And this will definitely prepare me for the two figure drawing classes next semester. I want to be able to do good quick sketches of people by next summer, because I want to keep a travel journal while in Japan. That means I need to draw a LOT more before then. And I need to practice drawing buildings as well!