Saturday, January 06, 2007

Friday work

I think i'm fairly happy with my design I came up with on friday for my postcards. I used the layout that I've been using for my illustration portfolio, which I enjoy the look of. This will keep all my work cohesive looking until I work with my friend Stephanie on redesigning our logo/stationary package. I didn't get a chance to post last night as I was working on installing Photoshop CS3 Beta (thank you Eric!) and also cleaning up my files, since I had at one point less then 1 GB space on an 80 GB harddrive. Today, I'm at Connie's house, so the updates are probably going to be only text until I get back home.

I'm going to Carol's house for the monthly illustration meeting on Monday, and I'll be bringing samples of my postcards to get feedback from everyone there before it goes to print.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Postcard A

Postcard B

Postcard C

Here are three options for my illustration mailer postcards. Three fronts are given, and three backs. Let me know which ones you're liking more, the first of each being A, the second B, and the third C. Two things to note about these postcards: 1. They are NOT done. as a work in progress, there are some good things happening, and some crap still remains. 2. The text design at this point remains simple to match the font I've chosen for my portfolio/resume. I am supposed to be teaming up with my friend, and we're going to design each others stationary packages, so until then, I just keep it simple.

Errand day

Today I drove all over the valley running errands. The good things that came from these errands: more copies of the illustrated holiday card I did, and I filed the paperwork for my DBA. The announcement will be published in a little valley paper called Warner Center News, and I can now put NightenGail Art on my postcards, business cards and mailers. yay! Hopefully I can get some work on those postcards done tonight so I can have a visual to post as well tonight. But until then, this will do.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today besides more diet prep-work I finished all but one of the letters and about half of the titles for the workbook. I didn't finish letter "R" (or for that matter, X and Z, but I don't think they'll be used). The post is kind of late tonight, but we also slept in late (until 10:30) so I didn't get a full work day during the day.

I also have an interview set up for next Wednesday! It's not for a full-time position, but for possible freelance graphic design jobs. Anything that will be work for me will be nice. I'm sure I'll be more nervous next week, but I'm just kind of excited about it now.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resumes and Letters

Today was good and bad. I didn't get the outlined letters for the layout I'm working on totally done. What is posted is the start of the lettering. I drew my own alphabet freehand, and I'm now tracing it on the computer so I can make all the titles for the children's workbook. I did, however, update my resume, prep all the food for the week for the new diet, and start work on updating my portfolio for graphic design. I also sent out two resumes for potential job opportunities for graphic design.

For those providing me feedback, i'm emailing my resume for review.

New Years Resolutions

I have created two New Years Resolutions for 2007. One pertains to my personal life, one pertains to my artwork/career.

The first is to follow a budget we established a couple of months ago. While I was in school, we didn't follow the budget very well, opting for convenience and time savers over money savers. Now we HAVE to follow the budget (and the fact that we're also going to follow the South Beach Diet for Eric will probably help, since we have certain foods we shouldn't be buying.)

The second is posting every day to this blog showing something I've worked on for art/career. It doesn't have to be a finished piece by any means, but any progress is good for me. This will also help me get feedback I would normally get in a classroom setting, especially when I'm stuck on a project and don't know what to do. A new perspective is always useful.