Thursday, February 03, 2011

IF: Surrender

A last minute illustration Friday entry which unintentionally coincides with the Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit.

This is my first digital painting with a Wacom tablet! woohoo! I'm learning new things. eventually, I'll be confident enough to work in color. But for now, this is good practice.


Jennifer Noel Bower said...

Zeesh! For a first attempt this is AWESOME. I am on my 3rd attempt and am no where near your level of proficiency. Great character you have here. A striking and wonderful image even in its shades of gray.

Chaz said...

This is extremely cool! The Wacom tablets scare me... I know that I should just make the leap and learn how to use it but...

Do you find that it's faster than using a mouse to color? Which one would you recommend? Anyways again - great drawing!
- Chaz -
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Sharon Wagner said...

The white flag is lifted. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

very awesome, i love his expression!